5:00 pm – 8:00 pmFull run of show Nov 4, 2022 – Dec 29, 2022

Confluence:  a flowing together; the act of meeting or gathering together; a place of meeting. as of rivers

Twelve artists come together to present this amazing exhibit of paintings, jewelry, mixed media, sculpture, woodwork and glass.

Alanni Lanni ,Dana Weigand, Sally Fuess, William Winkler, Rachel Smith, Yeshe Jackson, Keith Millar, Cheryl Moreno, Biagio Scarpello, Russell Brutsche, Mathew Werner, Chris Johnson

I believe in creating beautiful work that connects the viewer to something that I find unique in the natural world. I paint in the hope of making peoples’ lives better through art. What I like most about being a painter is the connection I feel to a tradition of self-expression that is like no other occupation.

her medium. You lay down some pigment and wait for magic to happen. Since retiring from teaching art, I have had the time to wander through the American western landscapes. It is these scenes in nature that inspire me to reconstruct them on canvas, to capture the moments of breathtaking beauty that people today miss because of the pace of everyday life. My oil painting process involves Plein air painting, studies done out of doors, as well as larger studio works.

Born in New Jersey and settled in Santa Cruz, CA, I find California’s climate is more compatible with my Italian heritage. I enjoy traveling but the phenomenal beauty of Santa Cruz is where I am most inspired. My dad’s company, “A.Lanni Painting and Decorating” imparted in me an early love for paint. I have vivid memories of my dad in his shop mixing pigments into new colors a job worthy of an alchemist. I’ve been interested in art since my childhood and decided to make a career of teaching art to young people. Teaching high school art and photography became one of my career focuses. Having retired after 30 years of teaching I am now painting full-time. My education is as follows:  Master’s Degree in Painting, from San Jose State University, 1991 Teaching Credential, Art, from CA State University Hayward, CA 1980, BA Studio Art, from California State University, Hayward, CA 1979, and an AA in Studio Art, from Grossmont Community College, El Cajon, 1971.


The best thing about New Cuyama is enjoying a spectacular sunset.


two young women dancing on the beach
California Dream Girls: This is a painting of best friends Krista May and Mary; it was painted for a dance themed show at the R.Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, California. Oil on canvas Dimensions 28.5 H x 38.5 W in. $2500


vintage american truck graveyard
This grouping of trucks really seems to capture a place in time. It evokes the hot days of summer with much stillness in. the air except for maybe the buzzing of small winged creatures. 2005, Watercolor on Arches paper 14 L x 14 W, $900 framed

Still life

still life of flowers in a vase
Flowers in a China Vase: Watercolor on Arches paper, 20 H x 16 W in. sold