Still life

wilder state park ranch jacket watercolor
Farm Jacket, Hat and Cane: I was able to paint this still life before it was stolen from the barn at Wilder Ranch State Park. sold
vintage gas pump
Empire Mine Gas Pump , Watercolor on Arches paper 21 H x 13 W in. $1200 framed
alanni watercolor alice wilder's hats hand bags
Alice Only Wears Red: Painting of Alice Wilder’s vanity displaying hats and handbags, Watercolor on Arches paper 30 H x 26 W in. sold
italian framer's market vegetable stand watercolor
Italian Framer’s Market Vegetable Stand: Painting of a vegetable stand on the streets of Florence Italy. Watercolor on Arches paper 18 H x 26 W in. sold
1950's melmac dinnerware in a dish drain 1950's melmac dinnerware
Ruth’s Dishes:1950’s melmac dinnerware in a dish drain 1950’s Melmac dinnerware,Household Crimes Series, watercolor on Arches paper 18 L x 26 W in.
bucket of flywheels on a truck hood
Bucket of Flywheels: Placed on the hood of a truck. 2004 Watercolor on Arches paper,
21 H x 13 W in. Collection of Larry Hart
rooster in the yard
Rooster in the Yard: Roosters are a common bird but a strikingly beautiful bird to have in your yard. Watercolor on Arches paper and 21 H x 14 W in. $2000 Framed
Lively Peppers: Watercolor on Arches paper 14 H x 21 W in. sold