Odin: I took many photos of him at his home. After an hour of running through his yard he took a rest in the grass. I felt like this expression best showed his personality. He is such a bright and gorgeous child. 2014. Oil painting on canvas. 20 H x 24 W.
California Dream Girls: This is a painting of best friends Krista May and Mary; it was painted for a dance themed show at the R.Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz California. Oil on canvas Dimensions 28.5 H x 38.5 W in. $2500
woman in nightgown on mitchell's cove santa cruz
Moonlit Walk at the Mitchell’s Cove: I took photos of Nicole on a moonlit night at Mitchell’s Cove down the block from my house. Oil on canvas completed 2014, 60 H x 48 W in. $3000
Portrait by Alanni
Portrait of Chiara: Painted from an iPhone snapshot I took while her parents Ben and Kristi Miles were visiting us in Santa Cruz. I was looking for the moment when I could capture Chiara’s sweet yet impish character. Oil on canvas, 20 H x 16 W in. Collection of Ben Miles
“Wendy” oil on canvas
alanni oil painting portrait of a young woman in a winter scene
Bernadette in Winter : Commissioned painting, oil on canvas, 20 H x 16 W in.
Oil painting portrait
Janis: portrait of Janis Bakken. Oil on Canvas, 20 H x 30 W in.
A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush: The painting depicts a woman with a relaxed expression, standing in a garden of ferns and lilies, forget-me-nots at her feet. She holds two morning doves, one in each palm with two identical birds perched beside her. Acrylic on canvas. 48 H x 36 W in. $1200
boys playing santa cruz beach
Brother’s playing at the Beach:, Oil on canvas, 18 H X 24 W in. $1000
adult easter egg party garden
I Went to a Garden Party: A narrative painting of a friend’s annual adult Easter egg hunt and party. I worked from a number of cell phone images to get my composition. 2014, Oil painting on canvas, 24 H x 30 W in. $1200
teen at prom coconut grove santa cruz california
Megan Adored : Acrylic on canvas painting. Megan is a fantastic actor and is much admired by her local community. The lighting for this piece was bottom. The color scheme is achieved by using exiting bottom lighting. Acrylic on canvas. 30 L x 24 W x .2 in D in. Collection of Megan Parle
spartan girls challenging boys santa cruz prom
Spartan Girls Challenge Spartan Boys: The title is from an Edgar Degas painting that I admire. I love the rhythm created by all the legs and feet. I captured this image of my students at a prom.
Acrylic on canvas 18 H x 24 W in. Collection of Leslie Burns
sienna and grayson
Portrait_ Sienna and Grayson Sienna and Grayson commissioned by family member.
Oil on canvas, 24 H x 20 W in.
woman and monarch butterflies santa cruz california
Woman and Monarch Butterflies: Kim is surrounded by monarch butterflies Santa Cruz California.
Acrylic on canvas. 36 H x 24 W in. $700
alanni oil painting bernadette
Bernadette Clark: Commissioned by Harry Clark of his Daughter. 2014,
Oil on canvas, 28 H x 24 W in.
Earth, Portrait of Biagio Black: Oil and sand on canvas, 4 canvas, 13 H x 13 W,
Wind-Portrait of Biagio Black: Oil and sand on canvas, 4 canvas, 13 H x 13 W in.
Fire, Portrait of Biagio Black: Portrait of Biagio Black: Oil and sand on canvas, 4 canvas, 13 H x 13 W in.
Water, Portrait of Biagio Black: Oil and sand on canvas, 4 canvas, 13 H x 13 W in.