The focus of my current work is people. My goal in paintings is to portray a fresh look at the ordinary and to tell a story about local people, place and time. I want to explore how beautiful and unique humanity can be. I am conscious of design and choose compositions that I feel are interesting and solid. The colors and textures of a subject are what most attract my interest. I enjoy a clear, bright palette and like to amplify colors and values. I sketch my ideas and then use photography to collect reference material. I draw my artwork accurately before I begin to paint, sometimes working from life and other times photos that I shoot. Photography helps to pre-visualize what I want to paint. Photoshop has allowed me to combine images with endless possibilities. When I have gotten close to my concept I sketch it onto the canvas accurately before I begin to paint. I alternate between photos and life to finish the details.


Born in New Jersey and settled in Santa Cruz, CA, I find California’s climate is more compatible with my Italian heritage. I enjoy traveling but the phenomenal beauty of Santa Cruz is where I am most inspired. My dad’s company, “A.Lanni Painting and Decorating” imparted in me an early love for paint. I have vivid memories of my dad in his shop mixing pigments into new colors a job worthy of an alchemist. I’ve been interested in art since my childhood and decided to make a career of teaching art to young people. Teaching high school art and photography became one of my career focuses. Having retired after 30 years of teaching I am now painting full-time. My education is as follows:  Master’s Degree in Painting, from San Jose State University, 1991 Teaching Credential, Art, from CA State University Hayward, CA 1980, BA Studio Art, from California State University, Hayward, CA 1979,and an AA in Studio Art, from Grossmont Community College, El Cajon, 1971.